Artist who has landscapes and classes all sewn up



Wendy Hughes stitches landscapes out of thread, but she can also teach you how to make a quilted jacket.

Mrs Hughes, from Abingdon, is an artist, but she is currently running classes at her local church in all aspects of stitching and sewing.

She said: “I have got one student at the moment making a quilted jacket, and the whole idea is I don’t make it easy for them. If they want quilt they have to make it themselves.”

Quilt is made by sandwiching wadding between two layers of material.

In between running classes, Mrs Hughes, the former head of art at Rye St Anthony School in Headington, is preparing for her next show.

She will be showing off her woven landscapes at a free exhibition in Wolfson College, Oxford, for three weeks from February 23.

She said: “I started as a painter but I have always liked handling materials and stitch. In the end I decided to produce the work in fabric instead. The landscapes could be Oxfordshire, I could say they are Wittenham Clumps or Shotover, but those locations are really just the inspiration.”

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